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Catch opportunities in an improving economic context

The United States has the largest stock market in the world and currently represents a whopping 58% of the MSCI World Index (which covers 23 developed markets). In addition, the US economy is currently growing at a faster rate than Europe and this is expected to continue throughout 2015 as unemployment continues to fall. Meanwhile, the rise of the US dollar versus the euro (+13.6% in 2014) has already provided additional returns for euro-based investors . At BNPP IP we believe that the US provides many exciting opportunities for investors given the country’s innovation, high productivity and re-industrialisation trend. For this reason we have carefully chosen specialised teams, based locally in most cases, to manage our comprehensive range. We offer many investment styles (e.g. core, value, growth, high beta and high dividend stocks) as well as funds focused on different company sizes (e.g. large, medium or small cap stocks). We have a particularly strong position in US small and midcaps.